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There is a growing skills shortage within our industry which clearly requires a solution.  Monarch's solution is to offer a Training Academy to develop the skills to enable inexperienced, or drivers from other sectors, to successfully train and transfer to our rewarding industry; whilst maintaining the highest standards that our sector requires.


To bring inexperienced drivers up to the standards needed, requires a great deal of commitment, time and effort.  To ensure the investment in people is not wasted Monarch has developed a comprehensive training structure that ensures the commitment of the trainee matches the valuable training they receive.  The trainee has a defined training plan and a structured salary progression that legally contracts the trainee, the client and Monarch together into a common goal for the benefit of everyone.


Why choose?

The ageing driver workforce is a ticking time-bomb for the logistics industry.  It is incumbent on all of us to address the shortages of trained drivers or the whole industry will pay the price.


We believe all clients should include this option as an element of their workforce to ensure that their future needs can be met without driving up cost excessively.


Many clients fear the cost of training.  Our Academy is designed to mitigate this fear and offer a cost effective long term plan for the maintenance of your driver numbers.


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