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Our core business is the supply of workers to work alongside our client’s teams on an ongoing basis.  Performance, flexibility, safety and cost are all key objectives that we measure and take accountability for.  After any initial induction training our specialists will fully integrate into your business.


Modern-day logistics require a flexible strategy for a reactive workforce.  This consists of a sensible mix of your own employees, skilled flexible contract specialists and some third party support.


We believe our business plays an important role in the modern workforce, we hope you will too.


Why choose?

This option works best where cost is king.  The add-on costs of employment have escalated tremendously in recent years and has pressurised companies and may have resulted in reduced operating margins.

Increased flexibility from a Monarch workforce helps to improve productivity by:

  • reducing overtime costs
  • no sickness costs
  • no pension contributions
  • only paying for worked hours
  • no HR costs
  • no direct employment costs
  • helping to change the mind-set of an established workforce

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