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Monarch understands that each business has it's own  methods and objectives so we offer 2 approaches to hiring your  permanent employees:


  1. Try before you hire - agree an initial contract with Monarch where a new employee can be assessed whilst working with you.  At the end of the initial period, the assessment period can be extended, a placement fee can be paid or the assignment can be terminated.
  2. Traditional placement fee - for a percentage fee of annual salary, we will provide candidates for interview and you only pay a fee when your new employee commences his or her employment with you.



Why choose?

Your business’s recruitment policy may be committed to direct employment for various reasons, but you still face the problem related to recruitment due to:

  • Time pressures
  • Lack of specialist staff
  • High advertising costs
  • High administration


Try before you hire - Recruiting the wrong employee can be very painful and costly.  Working with a prospective employee before you commit, allows you all of the benefits of employment with limited risks.


Traditional placement fee - Having access to potential employees where there is a skill shortage requires a long term investment in advertising, vetting and recruitment.  Monarch has already made this investment and has a large database of highly skilled and tested candidates.


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